Special Interest

Brazil Nature Tours offers a wide range of special interest programs; from horse back riding expeditions deep into the Pantanal wetlands to birding trips in the Atlantic rainforest. Whale watching at the Santa Catatarine coast, butterfly observation in the Amazon, you name it and we´ll take care of it.

Bird Watching

The Pantanal is one of the best places on Earth for bird watching. What makes this place especially attractive for birding is the high visibility and easy observations. All sorts of exotic birds display in an extraordinary natural environment replete with rich wildlife and fabulous landscapes. Brazil Nature Tours offers amazing trips providing customized attendance for birders, supported by specialized leaders and experienced native guides, but also comfortable accommodations, well-coordinated operations and excellent food to complement a terrific birding tour in Pantanal.

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Jaguar observation

One of the most fascinating animals of the Pantanal is  the Jaguar, the largest cat species in the Americas. There are several regions in the Pantanal, where they have practically guaranteed sightings during the dry season, which normally runs from July to October. Brazil Nature Tours offers several tours with focus on jaguar observation in the Pantanal with accommodation in one of the remote lodges or at one of the house boats, anchored near the jaguar zone.

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With a mosaic of different landscapes, spectacular sunrises, and diverse wildlife, the Pantanal is a paradise for photographers. With preparation, practices - and a bit of luck - you can capture stunning images of the jaguar, giant anteater, tapir, hyacinth macaw, jaburu stork, ocelot, etc. Brazil Nature Tours offers special and tailor-made photography tours into the Pantanal.

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