An incredible safari in one of the most beautiful regions of the Pantanal.

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Pousada Aguape Tours

Pousada Aguape is surrounded by the lush riverside forests of the Aquidauana River, allowing guests to experience up-close the natural beauty of the Pantanal region. Come and explore this stunning area and its abundant wildlife.

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Hotel Porto Jofre Tours

Hotel Porto Jofre, located deep into the North Pantanal, is one of the best places in the world to see jaguars in the wild.

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South Pantanal Splendour

Combining two remote, small sized lodges will offer you an unique wildlife viewing experience; Baia das Pedras with its open savanna landscapes with the lush wet region of Fazenda Barranco Alto. Wildlife satisfaction guaranteed.

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Araras Eco Lodge Tours

Araras Eco Lodge offers a variety of activities that are low on environmental impact but high on adventure and excitement. Wildlife satisfaction guaranteed.

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Jaguar Safari

The affordable and guaranteed way to spot jaguars and giant otters in the heart of the Pantanal is on the Jaguar Safari tour.

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North Pantanal Wildlife Tour

A unique experience including the best of North Pantanal, Transpantaneira road and the Cuiabá river. As well as the opportunity to see a huge amount of wildlife, for instance the elusive jaguar, tapir, anaconda, many exotic birds and the giant river otter.

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Paraguay river & Taiamã Reserve jaguar programs

The perfect way to trace jaguars on the Paraguay river and Taiama Reserve is through the Baiazinha Lodge. Since the Taiama Reserve is a federally protected zone, it is not open to the public and no tour operator is allowed to take tourists to the reserve

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Jaguar Expedition Boat Programs

An exciting new expedition boat that has just been launched in the Porto Jofre Region of the Northern Pantanal, with the highest concentration of jaguars in the world

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Jaguar Ecological Reserve Tours

The Jaguar Eco Lodge is located deep within the pristine nature of the north Pantanal. This basic lodge will offer an unmatched wildlife experience.

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Pousada do Rio Mutum Tours

Horseback riding through the forests and wetlands, trails totally immersed in nature, flights of birds, Brazilian otters playing by the river, alligators enjoying the sun… will give you unique and unforgettable moments.

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Pousada Piuval Tours

Pousada Piuval is the perfect place to admire the biodiversity of the Pantanal. The lodge also offers a wide variety of activities.

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South Pantanal Mammal & Bird Tour

A nature expedition to remote Pantanal lodges for an unique and exciting wildlife adventure allowing you to observe an extraordinary amount of wildlife and a richness of birdlife far greater and easier to see than in any other region in the world.

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