With a mosaic of different landscapes, spectacular sunrises, and diverse wildlife, the Pantanal is a paradise for photographers. With preparation, practices - and a bit of luck - you can capture stunning images of the jaguar, giant anteater, tapir, hyacinth macaw, jaburu stork, ocelot, etc. Brazil Nature Tours offers special and tailor-made photography tours into the Pantanal.

South Pantanal Splendour

Combining two remote, small sized lodges will offer you an unique wildlife viewing experience; Baia das Pedras with its open savanna landscapes with the lush wet region of Fazenda Barranco Alto. Wildlife satisfaction guaranteed.

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North Pantanal Wildlife Tour

A unique experience including the best of North Pantanal, Transpantaneira road and the Cuiabá river. As well as the opportunity to see a huge amount of wildlife, for instance the elusive jaguar, tapir, anaconda, many exotic birds and the giant river otter.

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South Pantanal Mammal & Bird Tour

A nature expedition to remote Pantanal lodges for an unique and exciting wildlife adventure allowing you to observe an extraordinary amount of wildlife and a richness of birdlife far greater and easier to see than in any other region in the world.

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Fazenda Barranco Alto Tours

A stay at the Fazenda Barranco Alto is the ultimate remote wildlife experience in Brazil, located deep in the Pantanal wilderness on the edge of the Rio Negro this lodge is a paradise for wildlife.

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