Jaguar observation

One of the most fascinating animals of the Pantanal is  the Jaguar, the largest cat species in the Americas. There are several regions in the Pantanal, where they have practically guaranteed sightings during the dry season, which normally runs from July to October. Brazil Nature Tours offers several tours with focus on jaguar observation in the Pantanal with accommodation in one of the remote lodges or at one of the house boats, anchored near the jaguar zone.

Hotel Porto Jofre Tours

Hotel Porto Jofre, located deep into the North Pantanal, is one of the best places in the world to see jaguars in the wild.

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Jaguar Safari

The affordable and guaranteed way to spot jaguars and giant otters in the heart of the Pantanal is on the Jaguar Safari tour.

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North Pantanal Wildlife Tour

A unique experience including the best of North Pantanal, Transpantaneira road and the Cuiabá river. As well as the opportunity to see a huge amount of wildlife, for instance the elusive jaguar, tapir, anaconda, many exotic birds and the giant river otter.

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Paraguay river & Taiamã Reserve jaguar programs

The perfect way to trace jaguars on the Paraguay river and Taiama Reserve is through the Baiazinha Lodge. Since the Taiama Reserve is a federally protected zone, it is not open to the public and no tour operator is allowed to take tourists to the reserve

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Jaguar Expedition Boat Programs

An exciting new expedition boat that has just been launched in the Porto Jofre Region of the Northern Pantanal, with the highest concentration of jaguars in the world

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Jaguar Ecological Reserve Tours

The Jaguar Eco Lodge is located deep within the pristine nature of the north Pantanal. This basic lodge will offer an unmatched wildlife experience.

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Jaguar Extreme Tour

Departure from Cuiabá to Pantanal. On the first night you will sleep at the South Wild Pantanal lodge. On the next day early morning the boat departs to Porto Jofre, where you will spend the remaining nights on the South Wild Flotel or Suites

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