Lodges in Pantanal South

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Fazenda Barranco Alto

Visit the remote Fazenda Barranco Alto farm and explore Brazil's breathtaking southern Pantanal wetlands on the shores of the Rio Negro. A once in a lifetime wildlife destination and authentic experience with very friendly hospitality.

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Pousada Aguape

Forests, fields and lakes stretch out across this wild, Pantanal landscape, all providing excellent bird and mammal viewing opportunities at Pousada Aguape.

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Pousada Refugio da Ilha

Pousada Refúgio da Ilha is an outstanding place for bird watching, and there are many different mammal species here too, including black howler monkeys, brown capuchin monkeys, Brazilian tapirs, neotropical otters, giant otters, ocelots and even jaguars.

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Fazenda Baia das Pedras

Situated in a remote and pristine region of the Pantanal, this is a wonderful place for truly immersing oneself in this wetland wilderness.

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Pousada Xaraes

Situated next to the Abrobal River bank, Pousada Xaraés is a very warm and pleasant cottage with country-like decoration. It is located in a private, intact, natural nature with great wildlife observation areas, especially birds.

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Fazenda San Francisco

Situated on the Rio Miranda river banks and covering an area of 15,000 hectares with a great diversity of flora and fauna we find Fazenda San Francisco.

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Caiman Ecological Refuge

Set inside an 53000 hectare private reserve, the Caiman Ecological Refuge offers the finest accommodations, varied excursions, and one of the best wildlife viewing all resulting in an exclusive Pantanal experience.

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Barra Mansa Lodge

A simple but fascinating family-run lodge, Barra Mansa, offers a very personalized service with fully private trips to explore the one-of-a-kind flora and fauna in the Pantanal.  

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Pousada Amolar

Pousada Amolar is located in the Serra do Amolar mountain range, a protected private reserve with unique species that can only be seen in this region.

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