Fazenda Barranco Alto

Visit the remote Fazenda Barranco Alto farm and explore Brazil's breathtaking southern Pantanal wetlands on the shores of the Rio Negro. A once in a lifetime wildlife destination and authentic experience with very friendly hospitality.

About Fazenda Barranco Alto

Situated beside the pristine Rio Negro, and boasting a vast territory of the most beautiful and diverse landscape (comprising forests, fields, freshwater lakes, saltwater lakes, swamps and floodplains), this is surely a perfect destination for anyone who wants to experience all of the wonders of the South Pantanal.

Fazenda Barranco Alto is an amazing place for viewing wildlife. It is a birdwatcher’s paradise, and there are so many different mammal species here too, including Brazilian tapirs, giant anteaters, tamanduas, neotropical otters, giant otters, black howler monkeys, coatis, ocelots, pumas and jaguars to name but a few.

Views from the lodge are simply spectacular. On one side, you look over a languid curve in the Rio Negro where families of giant otters can sometimes be seen playing and hunting, and on the other side, you look over a large freshwater lake bustling with yacare caimans, capybaras and various fish-eating birds.

There is a lovely garden around the lodge, whose fruits, seeds and flowers attract many different animals, including hyacinth macaws, toco toucans and crab-eating raccoons.

The lodge accommodation is excellent and very comfortable, with a variety of room types (6 guest rooms in total) to suit each guest’s needs. There is a spacious outside communal area at the lodge, ideal for soaking in the incredible views. Also, there is a cosy living room at the lodge with a small library and shop.

The meals, which are served as a buffet, are delicious, varied and plentiful. Guests eat together around a long table, which provides a great opportunity for meeting other guests at the lodge.

The activities – There is a morning and an afternoon activity. The different activities at the lodge include:

  • Walking

    There are numerous walking trails at Fazenda Barranco Alto taking in an incredible diversity of landscapes. Walks are a great way to get close to the animals.

  • Boat trips

    The Rio Negro is a very special river because it is so untouched and pristine. One rarely sees another boat there, so it is like one has the whole river to oneself. Water levels on the river vary greatly between the dry and rainy season. The river is bristling with fish and birds. And there are great opportunities for viewing certain mammal species there too – for instance, giant otters and neotropical otters are not uncommon, and there are always some capybaras around keeping the river’s grassy beaches trimmed. You never know…if you’re really lucky, you might even glimpse the most elusive mammal of all…the jaguar. The lodge has comfortable, flat-bottomed, aluminium boats, ideal for wildlife viewing.

  • Canoe trips

    This is a great way to intimately experience the Rio Negro. As you drift silently with the current, you get to soak in the rich tapestry of sights and sounds which adorn this vibrant river

  • Horse riding

    This is a wonderful way to take in the amazing scenery, and is a great way to see the wildlife. The horses here are very well trained, so there is no reason to be apprehensive, even if you have very little previous horse-riding experience.

  • Safari drives

    With such a large territory, safari drives (using open-back trucks with comfortable seating) are a very popular activity at Fazenda Barranco Alto. The drives are a superb way to explore all of the different natural habitats of this farm and to see lots and lots of animals. Spot-lighting once it’s dark provides opportunities for seeing nocturnal animals such as great potoos, crab-eating raccoons and Brazilian tapirs.

  • Cattle activities

    As well as having a lodge, Fazenda Barranco Alto also operates a low-density cattle ranch. Cattle farming is an age-old practice in the Pantanal with a rich and fascinating culture. You can experience this culture during your stay here, as the ranch has kept all of the local traditions of handling the cattle herds. If you would like to know what a cowboy’s working day is like, you can join them!

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