SouthWild Pantanal Lodge

Visiting SouthWild Pantanal provides remarkable experiences for families, naturalists and photographers. Situated on the banks of Rio Pixaim, their lodges are surrounded by a region with incl. tapirs, giant otters and monkeys.

About SouthWild Pantanal Lodge

Located within 2.5 km off the Transpantaneira Road on the forested banks of the wildlife-rich Pixaim River, the SouthWild Pantanal Lodge provides obtainable riverine forest, air conditioned rooms. SWP offers the Pantanal’s best value for serious birders, naturalists, and photographers. Strategically located for the photographers, users of long lenses on tripods, visiting Pantanal’s unique mobile canopy towers at flowering and fruit trees, silent electric river catamarans. Featuring the world’s tamest Giant Otters on a boat outing is also offered by the SWP. Among these activities, SWP bears its visitors with walks on scientifically-designed forest trails, mammal spotlighting, Brazilian barbecues, horse rides, research lectures, cattle drives, and star chart for study of the breathtaking night sky.

SWP lodges include a fully-screened dining room/living room with overhead fans, an outdoor sitting area where you can read a book about Brazilian nature from the library. Each of the twelve screened guest rooms consist of its private bathrooms with hot showers, not only overhead fans but also air conditioner, and two twin beds or one queen bed. Our lodges offer complementary, chilled drinking water dispensed in unlimited amounts from dedicated water coolers in order for you to bring your durable Nalgene bottle to refill and contribute on the elimination of plastic bottle waste.

SouthWild Pantanal continuously works on enhancing the quantity as much as the quality of the unbelievable wildlife sightings. You will have access to field, forest and river diversely with boat outings, horseback riding, and trail walks. Our lodge is the only lodge in Pantanal to offer  electric photo catamarans, mobile observation towers, and night spotlighting from a dedicated truck with special photo logistics. At a Jabiru Stork nest, our lodge has the world’s only 12-meter-tall observation tower which is accessed by a user-friendly spiral staircase. The top of the tower, which is only 15 meters away, is at the level of the nest. In order for our guests to be completely ignored by the birds and have a full view how they fulfill all their nesting behavior, our specially-trained naturalists have been habituating the storks for years now.

Excursions offered at SouthWild Pantanal include:

  • Horseback riding

    Exploration of otherwise-inaccessible fields, marshes, and forests in a radius of 10 km or more from the lodge are ideal for an outing with our 10 calmed and experienced horses. Normally, the duration of the rides is 2 hours, however upon request, longer rides or overnight horse expeditions to other ranches can be scheduled. For your security SWP provides hard hats for a safety riding.

  • Ocelot hide

    Ocelots come out every night, and if you are on a lucky day they might appear during the day too, in front of the hide. Keeping in mind photography, we set up the hide with sufficient space for tripods and a clear view of the Ocelots who come within a few meters.

  • Birdwatching

    The scientifically-designed trail system through the Pantanal most easily-accessible gallery or riverine forest is complemented by the Birders who visit the SWP. This bird-rich habitat represents only a 2% of the Pantanal. Along with an enlistment of the 340 bird species, we offer a Pantanal bird guide and a Ph.D. Ornithologist who is also one of the lodge owners. The lodge’s location enables listers/tickers to go on easy trips to the Campo de Jofre area which is 60 km south on the Transpantaneira. The birds fly besides our boats before landing on the calm banks of the river with the golden afternoon light hitting on their feathers and framing the tropical vegetation. The river also owns Bare-faced Curassows, Agami Herons, Sunbitterns, Sungrebes, very tame Black-collared Hawks, and an abundance of other water and forest birds.

  • Trails

    The chance to search for a variety of rare Pantanal birds as well as Black and Gold Howler Monkeys, Silver Marmosets who are squirrel-sized monkeys, and troops of Brown Capuchin Monkeys takes place at our five kilometers trails that criss cross the riverine forest and drier cerrado.

  • Observation tower

    Our observation towers placed within a couple of meters from the active fruiting and flowering trees allows close range photography of the three monkeys and the list of fruit-eating or nectar-drinking birds. SWP is the first and only lodge in all the Pantanal to offer towers that move with the fruit and the flowers. SWP offers daytime viewing and photography time at 7m or less, with great light, and eye level of the Great Potoo, with a perfect and magnificent vegetation background to photograph the birds whose feathers consist of a complex pattern. Within a few meters of the Jabiru nests and other mesmerizing birds, SWP positioned towers with hides on the very top ideal for photography.

  • Spotlighting

    An optional but included basis are the night spotlighting outings on any night in the Pantanal, on open cars or small trucks. Since our open observation trucks are available for all the guests that stay at our exclusive 20-bed SWP lodge, these outings might not be totally private. Nevertheless the trucks have enough space to ensure our guests a complete view of the wildlife.

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