SouthWild Jaguar Flotel

Prime location for naturalists, birders or photographers, the SouthWild Jaguar Flotel located near the mouth of the Tres Irmaos River deep in the Pantanal will give you the best possible chance of seeing the elusive wild jaguar.

About SouthWild Jaguar Flotel

The “Jaguar Flotel” has 10 private cabins, each equipped with a “split” air conditioner, mini-bar fridge and private bathroom with flush toilets and never-ending, hot water showers. The hotel is anchored near the mouth of the 3 Brothers River, squarely in the center of the Jaguar Zone, making it central for searching the river sections that have produced the best Jaguar sightings.

Morning and afternoon excursions in our radio equipped motor boat feature several families of incredibly tame Giant Otters, Kingfischers, Howler Monkeys and Jaguars. Jaguar sightings can vary from brief encounters to several hours of observations. Operates June through November.
The flotel guarantees excellent viewing of Jaguars, Giant Otters, Caimans, Capybaras, and a wide range of large waterbirds. Since July 2006, they have provided guests with 1,500 Jaguar sightings and photo-identied 53 different Jaguars. During the 2011 season, all the clients enjoyed multiple sightings of Jaguars, with the cats doing everything from sleeping to mating to fighting. They garantee Jaguars and Giant Otters during the minimum 3-night stay.

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