Pousada Piuval

At Pousada Piuval you will experience all the different aspects of the Pantanal. The surrounding waterways, grasslands and forests makes it an ideal place for wildlife observation.

About Pousada Piuval

Pousada Piuval is located 110 km from Cuiabá and 10 km from Poconé in the state of Mato Grosso. It is the first lodge along the Transpantaneira Highway, which begins in Poconé. The lodge is situated on a 7000-hectare cattle ranch with one of the most beautiful landscapes in the Pantanal. Here tourists can observe the abundance and diversity of Pantanal flora and fauna.

The lodge has 21 guest rooms with air conditioning and ceiling fans, private bathrooms, TV, Frigobar and screened-in windows providing fresh air. The fully screened restaurant serves typical Pantanal meals. Leisure facilities are a swimming pool, volleyball court and playground and Souvenir shop.
The activities – There is a morning and an afternoon activity. The different activities at the lodge include:

  • Boat ride

    The Boat ride at Pousada Piuval in one of the largest bays in the Region, Bay of Piuval, are approximately 05 km long and 01 km wide, concentration of nests all kinds of animals of the wetland, Such as: Alligators, tuiuiús, capybara , deer, monkey nail and howler monkey, many birds. The sunset is beautiful and unforgettable in this place. The ride is made in a powerboat an 18 hp engine, with seats cushions, without hoods. O At the end of the bay there is an island where there is a footbridge of 350 m away, which does not end there is a 15m Observation Tower, where you can find information about the request, the Pantanal from above and its frontal view with a beautiful ninhal biguas, Herons and Colheiros between June to October. In the boat trip you will have the option to choose between walking or fishing the famous piranha of the Pantanal The tour has a Duration of 02 Hours

  • Horse riding

    The horseback ride at Pousada Piuval is the most beautiful of the whole region, for horses cross corixos in wetlands of the Pantanal, giving a unique sensation of pleasure in the middle of nature. Animals and birds of the Pantanal and also much seen, because the noise with the Nature is almost null and animal traction, it is made, arrives very close to any animal, dry land or not flooded. The Pantaneiro Horse is incomparable in this activity, the only horse that manages to survive non-pantanal, docile and very intelligent, the pantaneiro horse is an inseparable relative of the man The tour has a Duration of 02 Hours

  • Photo safari

    The photographic safari can be done in the fields of the Pousada Piuval or by the Road Transpantaneira Park Road to Km 32, in these two places you will find the consumers of the Pantanal wildlife, such as: Alligators, Tuiuiús, Maçacos, Blue Araras, Capybaras etc. . ... It will depend on luck and the weather weather! Duration: 02 hours

  • Bike tour

    The Bicycle Ride is a leisure option for sports lovers, for the free ride, ideal for children, strolling through nature, animals and birds of the Pantanal.

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Pousada Piuval is the perfect place to admire the biodiversity of the Pantanal. The lodge also offers a wide variety of activities.

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