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São Paulo
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São Paulo is the most important commercial, industrial and economic center in South America. For that very reason, it is probably the most cosmopolitan city in Brazil. A few years ago, São Paulo was known as the fastest growing city on the continent. Today, it is already the largest city in South America and will soon be one of the most populous metropolitan areas in the world. Downtown, visitors can see replicas of São Paulos first buildings, erected in 1554 by Anchieta and Manuel de Nobrega, Portuguese Jesuits.

That same area today is traversed by wide avenues and overpasses and covered with skyscrapers that stretch beyond the horizon in all directions. 40% of Brazils industrial output is generated by São Paulos 34,000 factories, employing more than 800.000 workers.
The growing population is continually bolstered by people from all over Brazil and all over the world who come to São Paulo seeking business and employment opportunities. São Paulo is a world in itself, almost anything can he found. Consider, for instance, the different sections of the city an Italian district (Bexiga), a Japanese district (Liberdade), sprawling industrial districts ( São Caetano, São Bernardo, Santo André), and Arab business district (Vinte e Cinco de Março), a Jewish business district (Bom Retiro), wealthy residential districts (Jardins, Morumbi) and even a typically Northeastern street market (Largo da Concórdia).

In one day the visitor can eat an all American breakfast, have lunch in a Japanese restaurant, take English tea at five PM, have cocktails in a French bar, dine in a Russian restaurant and dance the rest of evening to the sounds of a Viennese orchestra! The modern, spacious convention center at Parque Anhembi (capacity: 5000 delegates) is the site of many industrial exhibitions and trade fairs. Paulistas, as the inhabitants are known, always seem to be in a hurry. People work hard in Sao Paulo, but they also manage to enjoy their weekends to the fullest.

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