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Pantanal - MT - Jaguar Ecological Reserve

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Jaguar Ecological Reserve

The Jaguar Ecological Reserve is located in the northern Pantanal along the Transpantaneira Highway. The lodge is at Kilometer 110 of the Transpantaneira – about a three-hour drive from Poconé and four hours from Cuiabá in the dry season (May-November). Driving times may be longer in the wet season (December-April).

The Jaguar Ecological Reserve is the southernmost ecotourism lodge along the Transpantaneira – and the extra driving time is well worth the effort. This remote location offers guests the opportunity to enjoy the Pantanal at its most pristine. Wildlife is more abundant near the Reserve than at other lodges closer to Poconé and Cuiabá. Guests enjoy unmatched solitude, far from the heavily visited areas further north.

The lodge has been expanded and improved significantly in the past four years. There are 9 guest rooms, with a total of 18 single beds. Each room is fully furnished and has a private bath, mosquito nets, fan, and porch with hammocks. A generator and solar panels are used for electricity. Hot water is available daily.

Guests enjoy family-style dining in the newly remodeled dining room. Breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as afternoon tea are included. Local dishes prepared from local ingredients. Fresh fruits and vegetables from own gardens, fish caught in nearby rivers and streams, and beef and poultry from the ranch provide the basis for delicious meals. Guests regularly rate the meals here as among the best they have during their visits to Brazil.

There is a selection of ice-cold Brazilian beer, soft-drinks and bottled water. Imported wines from Chile and Argentina and assorted cocktails are available. The specialty is the Brazilian caipirinha – a blend of sugarcane rum, fresh limes, sugar and crushed ice that is the perfect treat after a day of exploring!

The Jaguar Ecological Reserve is not a luxury hotel – guests seeking swimming pools, television and air-conditioning may prefer to stay at lodges closer to Cuiabá or Poconé. It is a comfortable lodge in a remote yet accessible setting, surrounded by some of the Pantanals finest wildlife habitat.

In 2006 a small shop at the lodge will open, offering an assortment of locally-produced crafts and clothing. This is an ideal way to assist and promote the work of local artisans.

Experienced, English-speaking guides from the Pantanal guarantuee an unparalleled experience during which you will learn as much as you desire about the unique culture and biodiversity of the Pantanal.

The lodge offers a full range of activities, from birdwatching tours, nature hikes through the forest, nighttime wildlife-viewing drives and fishing. Most guests stay at the Reserve for at least two nights to make the most of their trip. The average stay is three nights.

The best time to view wildlife in the Pantanal is at dawn, dusk, and at night. For this reason, most guests elect to rest during the heat of the day.

• Birdwatching
• Wildlife-viewing drives
• Hiking
• Boat trips
• Other activities

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