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Here nature is still incredibly untouched, offering a multiplicity of ecosystems. The center of and the number one destination for ecotourism in Brazil. Few places in the world have kept nature so pure and generous. Ecological tourism has recently unveiled the quietness of Bonito, located near the Pantanal. Bonito is a unique place, where forests of secular trees live together with a diversified fauna and fresh water rivers.

Lying in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, the city of Bonito and its neighbour Bodoquena with its National Park are the most fascinating natural areas of water leisure in the world. A little paradise at the south of the Pantanal. Being here is to enjoy the unforgettable moments in harmony with nature at its plainest and most beautiful state. Hundreds of waterfalls, lakes and rivers of pristine waters, over 80 caves (dry and flooded), and endless species of fish and other wild animals are some of the attractions of the place. And they can all be reached without much trouble. The main activity is certainly diving into great lakes of fresh and crystal clear waters, where a great variety of fishes calmly swim among visitors, in a dazzling display of color and movement. Snorkeling, scuba diving, light rafting, abseiling, horseback riding, caving, mountainbiking and trekking are just some of the fun things to do in these places.

Famous in this region is the Blue Lake Cave, impressive because of its geological formations and its blue-coloured lake. This cave has woken up the attention of tourists and researchers from all over of the world. Sunbeams permeate the lake, producing a spectacle of breathtaking beauty. Both the caverns roof and bottom are full with speleological formations of different shapes and sizes. The bottom of the cavern harbors prehistoric skeletons of a giant ground sloth and a saber tooth tiger.

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Bonito 3 days/2 nights Bonito 3 days/2 nights
Bonito 4 days/3 nights Bonito 4 days/3 nights
Cave Diving 6 days/5 nights Cave Diving 6 days/5 nights

  Bonito 3 days/2 nights
  Bonito 4 days/3 nights
  Cave Diving 6 days/5 nights
  Diving for Beginners 6 days/5 nights
  PDIC Overhead Diving Course 6 days/5 nights

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Cabanas Hotel Cabanas Hotel
Hotel Pirá Miúna Hotel Pirá Miúna
Marruá Hotel Marruá Hotel

Hotels (more...)
  Cabanas Hotel
  Hotel Pirá Miúna
  Marruá Hotel
  Pousada Aguas de Bonito
  Pousada Moinho de Vento
  Pousada Olho D água
  Pousada Recanto dos Pássaros
  Refúgio Hotel
  Wetega Hotel
  Zagaia Eco-Resort Hotel

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