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Domestic Flights - Brazil Airpass

Traveling by air in Brazil is as usual as traveling by train in Europe. Unfortunately, Brazil does not have the tremendous railway-network or express-trains like in Europe or the US. Neither are there highways across the whole country. Therefore, the theory of traveling on a shoestring across the Brazilian territory works out differently, unless you have plenty of time!

Given the size of the country, the most practical and economical way of getting around Brazil is by air. If you are going to travel extensively around Brazil, you should consider buying a Brazil Airpass prior to arriving in the country. In our opinion, it is highly recommended and worth the money paid for it.


Visitors who intend to travel on from their point of entry to explore more of Brazil should consider investing in a Brazil Airpass before arriving in the country. The Brazil Air Pass is the most practical and economical way to travel within Brazil and is available to foreigners and Brazilians residing abroad holding a round trip air ticket to Brazil.

Currently the cost of the Brazil Airpass is US$399,00 for up to 4 domestic flights. The pass is valid for 21 days from the first domestic flight.

Customizing your itinerary we will advise which domestic flights fit the best in your program. You can book these at your nearest travel agent.

To give you an idea about the distances in Brazil :
the distance from Rio de Janeiro to Manaus = more than from Amsterdam to Istanbul! Rio- Manaus is a 2 ½ hour direct flight in a jet-plane. For a Dutchman, Istanbul is quite far and to reach it, you need to cross many European countries. Rio and Manaus are in one and the same country, and even further.... One return ticket Rio de Janeiro - Iguaçu costs more than the air-pass!

From São Paulo to the Amazon;
from the Amazon to Salvador;
from Salvador to Foz do Iguaçu;
from Foz do Iguaçu to ...........

The BRAZIL AIRPASS lets you decide were to go!

Discover the magic of this magnificent country with the Brazil Airpass. When you purchase your international round trip ticket outside of Brazil, take advantage of this great affordable way to experience the exquisite culture that is Brazil. Visit the opera house at the edge of the Amazon in Manaus, relax on the beaches of Bahia, go whale watching south of  Florianópolis or walk along the palm covered boulevards of Rio. With the Brazil Airpass, you choose the places you want to visit.

It can be purchased for the flights of Varig or Tam, each pass only being valid for the flights of the issuing carrier. The price of the Airpass varies depending on the number of domestic flights and company, but considering the size of Brazil and the cost of internal Brazilian air travel – a return flight from Rio de Janeiro to Manaus costs over US$ 640,00 and Rio to Foz do Iguaçu, US$ 450,00 – it offers excellent value for money.

The main national carriers are Tam and Varig. There are also a number of low-cost carriers such as Gol, Fly and Ocean Air. These use certain airports as major hubs for serving regions of the country. Visitors are often surprised that in the south east, São Paulo (GRU), rather than Rio de Janeiro (GIG), is the main hub. Other hubs include Porto Alegre (POA) and Curitiba (CWB) in the south; Brasília (BSB) in the central west; and Salvador (SSA), Recife (REC) and Fortaleza (FOR) in the north east.

As many visitors plan their trip to Brazil around Rio de Janeiro, some of the most popular internal flight times are: Rio to Belo Horizonte, 50m; Rio to Brasília, 1h 30m; Rio to Campo Grande, 3h 30m; Rio to Curitiba, 1h 30m; Rio to Fortaleza, 4h 25m; Rio to Foz do Iguaçu, 3h; Rio to Manaus, 5h; Rio to Natal, 3h; Rio to Porto Alegre, 2h; Rio to Recife, 2h 45m; Rio to Salvador, 2h; and Rio to São Paulo, 55m.

There is also a South American Airpass which allows the holder to travel economically throughout Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and Paraguay. The cost of the South American Airpass is based on the number of miles flown. Prices start from just US$225,00 for up to 1900 miles.

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