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Salvador - Solar do Carmo Hotel
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Solar do Carmo Hotel

The history of Bahia can offer some pleasant surprises. One of them is awaiting for you in Salvador’s Historical District Pelourinho. An old 18th-century mansion at 108 Rua Direito de Santo Antônio has been remodeled and turned into the Hotel Solar do Carmo. Totally renovated, the manor-house that was part of the history, now offers all the comfort and tradition of a hotel. Located in a street that represents a mix of fun, tradition, faith and culture, the Solar do Carmo is also part of local history. Tales are told about the mansion which housed upper-class traditional families, artists and other personalities that were part of our rich folklore.

One of these figures was the sadly-missed samba-artist Gordurinha who lived there  during the 40s. The differentiated style of hosting is evidenced by small details such as the inside bare brick-walls which stand witness to a glorious past and reveal the care with which the restoration of the building was carried out.

The Solar do Carmo Hotel is the perfect match between vintage and modern architecture, offering 10 rooms and 4 suites, all with air-conditioning, safe, central heating system, phone, mini-bar, cable-TV, and internet access point, setting an excellent standard for hospitatlity.

In the Café Pote restaurant you can savor traditional local dishes as well as international cuisine followed by a genuine Brazilian coffee while enjoying the views that only Bahia can offer.

Apart from providing a breathtaking view of the Baía de Todos os Santos – or ‘All Saints’ Bay’ – the deck bar also offers a special ambience to admire spectacular sunsets across the Bay.

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