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Rio de Janeiro - New Year in Rio
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New Year in Rio

The New Year’s festivities are all around the city. There are shows in different areas of Rio which enliven the turn of the year.

Entrance is free, peace is absolute, and security is guaranteed. To spend New Years Eve in Rio de Janeiro is to experience moments of joy in a wonderful scenery with the additional advantage of being surrounded by warm and friendly people.

Copacabana Beach - The greatest show of the year !!!

People from all social classes, side by side, in peace, in manifestations that mix magic and devotion, devotees make offerings to Iemanjá, the African Goddess of the Waters.
One of the largest fireworks in the world with about 15-minute duration, illuminates the beauty of Copacabana Beach in various colors. Two million people united by the incomparable spirit of Rio greet each other, even if they are strangers, and walk in the direction of the shore to make their offerings. Each one in their own private ritual. The New Year has arrived!

From Leme to Copacabana Fort, Hotels and restaurants present the most varied party options, with menus prepared by great chefs or tropical buffets. Always entitled to the greatest attraction: the magnificent fireworks display at midnight, which illuminates the sky in different forms and colors. Stages are erected the length of the beach at which live shows take place.

It is undoubtedly the greatest open-air party in the world.

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