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Porto Seguro
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In 1500, the Portuguese captain Cabral and his fleet, discovered Brazil, landing off the coast about 16 kilometers north away from Porto Seguro. A paradise with beaches, nature, bays, and friendly natives. Porto Seguro is still known for its unspoiled natural beauty despite the effects of colonization. Since 1973 considered Wordwide Natural Heritage, Porto Seguro with 105.000 inhabitants and although relatively small, has much to offer: from the most beautiful, pleasant, untouched and quite beaches to the most crowded and their “barracas” where you you can ejoy the “Axe Music” and “lambaerobica” dancing. There is always something for everyone. Porto Seguro is the place where Lambada dancing began. There are many bars and parties where you can watch this exotic dance, a kind of Samba, which is well-loved by the population, and is danced to Axé Music and Pagode rhythms.

Porto Seguro is known for its vibrant, exotic night life: from the live music, bars and restaurants along the Passarela do Àlcool, which opens at sunset, to beach parties with Lambada dancing and Capoeira shows, including its history and culture life. The city can offer an enormous variety of good restaurants where it´s possible to find since the typical food and international cuisine, snack bars, pizzerias, ecological parks and nature attractive.

With your wonderful seashore, on the North coast the most famous is Taperapuã if you want a place to meet all the people around, dancing and crowded beaches. If you want more quiet place, following the north, Coroa Vermelha Beach. In the South Coast the famous Arraial d´Ajuda, Trancoso, Espelho and
Caraíva. Coral reefs surround the seacost of the city where you find many options for diving and snorkeling spots. Learn more about ecotourism and explore the Jaqueira Indian Reserve, or visit the Vera Cruz Research Station, where scientists are searching for ways to protect what remains of the Atlantic Forest (Mata Atlantica), one of the most endangered ecosystems in the world.

In Arraial d´Ajuda and Trancoso, in the south coast, these are the right place for those who want to relax, enjoy beaches almost untouched, and to be surrounded by native nature. A place to be and to live. These little small village are known all around the world. Nice beaches, good, charming and cozing hotels for all taste and an opportunity to share with its inhabitants their histories.

Bahia is the blackest Brazil´s city, where the magic of their slave forefathers is still practiced. The Bahian method of preparing seafood is world-renowned. Specialty restaurants and cocktail bars can be found all over town, as well as along the beaches. Bahian people are by nature an extremely hospitable people. The climate varies from 20-30° Celsius (68-86° Fahrenheit), with a light breeze along the beaches. Porto Seguro is the most frequently visited place in Brazil, and the number one choice for New Year’s Eve and Carnival. It’s not for nothing that Brazilian travel agencies advertise abroad: Bahia – loved by tourists for over 500 years.

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