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The small coastal village of Paraty is a virtual museum within a tropical paradise. It is located 125 miles southwest of Rio and possesses one of the finest collections of classical 18th century Portuguese colonial buildings.

Set between the hills and the ocean, and blessed with a bay of calm and clear waters, Paraty is one of those places that awake your curiosity, the admiration for nature, and the joy of being alive. Here you find the atlantic forest in its essence: fresh water, salt water, sand, land, beach and forest. Paraty is divided in two parts, one set inside the national park of Serra da Bocaina, the other in the bay of Paraty. Here you can find waterfalls, lakes and the native forest living in perfect harmony with the bay, a natural aquarium. To know Paraty and its nature is to know the Brazilian coast with its privileged geography, so rich in animal life and botanical species. To know Paraty is to know Brazil, the essence of our nature and a heritage of humanity.

From the end of the 17th century Paraty became of great importance to the country as it was the main exit of minerals and gold which were extracted from the mines in Minas Gerais to ship to European harbors, and also for the sugar mills which exist untill today. This historical importance of Paraty is one of the factors that helped create one of the most charming architectures in Brazil. When strolling along the streets of Paraty you will discover sights you cannot believe are true. Colours, textures, habits, people, all in one place. A tour through historical centre explains why this place, preserved as a worldwide historical monument, is so admired by artists, writers and photographers.

Paraty has its very unique gastronomy, the true art of eating well. There are restaurants for all tastes, from the traditional Brazilian country food to the sophisticated French cuisine. Nightlife in Paraty is known for its interesting atmosphere created by special lighting effects in the historical centre, people strolling along the streets bringing life to the city and the restaurants, recommended by many as being one of the great differentials of Paraty.
Then there is the famous "cachaça" distilled from sugar cane, one of the most famous in Brazil and the world, a true synonym of good "cachaça". Allow yourself to visit Paraty. The city features a calendar with festivals and celebrations all year through. Paraty: a place which has been hosting tourists for over 400 years, now awaits your visit.

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