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Pantanal - MT - Refúgio Ilha do Caracará
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Refúgio Ilha do Caracará

In the heart of the Pantanal on the banks of the Cuiabá River, you will find a paradise of natural beauty. Spread across a vast grass plain, is a verdant landscape that offers a biodiversity found in few other places. Ever-changing and providing new surprises around every corner, it abounds in birds, fish, reptiles and a multitude of flowers and trees.
Located in the heart of this scenic wonderland, lies the Refúgio Ilha do Caracará, a hotel that will pamper you while allowing you to enjoy all the magnificence of the natural environment around it.

Whether you choose to visit the Refúgio Ilha do Caracará by land and river, or by air, along the way the landscape will present you with an unforgettable series of sights you will remember forever.

You can reach the Refúgio Ilha do Caracará by air by taking a flight from Cuiabá to the hotel. The private landing strip measures 1160 meters (3,900 feet) in length, is paved with asphalt and is open to private aircraft.

Or if you prefer the land/river option, the 250-Km trip from Cuiabá to Porto Jofre is made in an eight-person air-conditioned van. After arriving at Porto Jofre, guests are transported to the hotel by boat, traveling down the Cuiabá River for approximately 25 minutes.

The 20 charming rooms all have air conditioning, minibars, ceiling fans and telephones. Two are spacious suites that are also equipped with hydromassage tubs for the ultimate in guest comfort.

At the hotel, you will savor cuisine that is irresistible, even to the most discriminating palate. Under the direction of Cordon Blue trained chef Ariane Malouf, local delicacies and international dishes are served accompanied by a lavish array of desserts and other culinary delights.

At the Refúgio Ilha do Caracará, you can meet new people or enjoy the company of your fellow travelers in the special warmth of our lounge and Scotch bar. You may enjoy a refreshing swim in the pool or take a nap in the hammock on your balcony. Or just relax amid the beauty of our gardens. Alone or with others, the Refúgio Ilha do Caracará is the perfect location to take advantage of all that the Pantanal offers.

Furthermore facilities are safe facilities at the reception desk, room and laundry services, treated artesian well water, central water heating, PBX service, private paved landing strip, meeting room, souvenirs Shop and barbecue area.

There are so many ways for you to discover the magic of the Pantanal, and at Refúgio Ilha do Caracará, you can experience all of them. Take a horseback ride or a boat voyage down the river, hike through the terrain, go on a fishing trip or enjoy a photo safari - all under the personal supervision of experienced guides who will carefully prepare and instruct you ahead of time.
Regular Tours:
. Bird Watching on Negrinho River: you will be able to contemplate the 600 species of birds and, among them, the Tuiuiu, symbol of the Pantanal. It is an exquisite opportunity to photograph.
. Caiman spotting on Negrinho River: at night, the eyes of the caimans glow in the dark when lightened by a flashlight. You can enjoy this magnificent show, comfortably sitting on the boat.
. Lambari Fishing on Negrinho River: old fashioned fishing experience. You will be able to fish Lambaris and other small fish, using a bamboo fishing rod on the quiet waters of Negrinho River.
. Boat Ride On The Bay of The Captain: an unforgetable tour through different scenerys.
. Ecological Tracks around the hotel: tamanduas, monkeys, capivaras (big rodent), onças (jaguar like feline), as well as an enourmous diversity of birds can be seen on these walks. And since surprises always come to happen, you will be amazed at the beauty and magnificence of the trees.
. Horseback Riding around the hotel: accompanied by an experienced guide, you will have the chance to see all the natural beauties that sorround our Refuge.
. Track in the Bushes: a walk designed for you to relax and observe the fascinating nature of this region. At the end of this track, you will have the chance to visit a native family, who lives by the river. Listen to their stories and try a traditional indian beverage.

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