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Pantanal - MT - Hotel Fazenda Santa Tereza
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Hotel Fazenda Santa Tereza

At Pixaim Rivers border, with access at Transpantaneira Road km 67, Hotel Fazenda Santa Tereza is priviliged not only with the scenery s beauty, but also by the location at the middle of the Roads begin in Poconé and the end at Porto Jofre. Sta. Tereza Farm since 1997 offers a familiar and cozy lodging for tourists from all over the world, with no loss to the cattle farm tradition and rural life kept by the owners over 4 generations of the family in the Pantanal.

There are 10 apartments in a rural style building offering the necessary comfort and a good field and river edge view. Equipped with air-conditioning, ceiling fan and private bathroom and a capacity for 3 or 4 persons each.

Restaurant with excellent typical food of the region, where breakfast, lunch and dinner are served.

Between the activities and meals in the restaurant you can enjoy the swimming-pool to refresh.

The activities offered by the hotel propose a continuous interaction with Pantanals fauna and flora in different situations and enviroments:
- trekking
- motorboat ride
- horse back ride
- fishing
- bicycle

They are usually better enjoyed by the morning or late afternoon, because of the milder temperature and most proper time to see animals.
The season (drought or flood) is also a determining factor in the activity experience.

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