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Pantanal - MS - Pousada Xaraés
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Pousada Xaraés

The completely renovated pousada Xaraés is located in one of the most beautifull geographical regions of the Pantanal- the Abobral region. The pousada has been remodeled and adapted to meet all standards of quality and comfort. 340 km from Campo Grande and 140 km from Corumbá (of which 28 km is unpaved road). Pousada Xaraes is situated at the margins of the Abobral river in a private area of 4200 hectares of pristine nature.

After arrival at the Airport/busterminal in Campo Grande Open Door takes care of all necessary means of transport for you or your group.

The 17 spacious and comfortable apartments are destributed in 3 seperate buildings, just a few meters from the Abobral River. All apartments are equipped with ceiling-fan, air-conditioning, telephone, mini bar and private bathroom, secure and decorated in a rustic style. A total of 46 guests can be acommodated in 8 DBL rooms, 6 TRP rooms and 3 QDP rooms. Every couple of rooms has a large veranda with fans and hammocks, offering another area to relax. From the apartmentes you can hear the marvellous songs of the Pantanal birds and the emotional howling of the monkeys that inhabit the trees at the margin of the Abobral River early in the morning.

The restaurant has a magnificent view on the large front garden of the pousada, where several birds are nesting and the sounds of these can be admired all day long. The restaurant is equipped with air-conditioning and fans and is decorated in the rustic style that is characteristic for the whole pousada. The delicious typical Pantanal meals are served in buffet-style and served 3 times a day.

Leisure facilities are a football field, tennis court, beach volley court, horse-riding area, ecological swimming pool (without the use of chemical products), swimming pool for children, dry sauna and small fitness room.

The large living room has several ambients with a snooker table, a small library, board games, cable TV/DVD and a bar with terrace/veranda where the guests can enjoy the delicious drinks and snacks. All this just a few meters from the river, completed with the beauty of the Pantanal views with its natural songs and smell in front of the ecological swimming pool. Besides this there is a quiosque with comfortable seats, hammocks and barbecue facilities.

The Pantanal has one long dry season and one long wet season each year. The dry season usually is from April through September, while the wet season is from October through March. Travel professionals and researchers from the Tropical Nature system have spent a collective total of more than two years in the Pantanal, and we find June to be perhaps the most pleasant month in the Pantanal, while the shrinking ponds and rivers of the late dry season and early wet season (September through November) produce the worlds’ most incredible concentrations of large water birds, caimans, and Capybaras as well as the best opportunities to spot all kinds of large mammals. Year round our trained bilingual naturalist guides lead daily wildlife viewing excursions. Activities may vary depending on the season, but typically each day includes two daytime activities and one nighttime activity. Activities include the following:

Hikes – We offer a number of different hikes to observe the fauna and flora of the Pantanal. Each of these hikes can be done during the day, whilst two hikes are also available at night.

Canoe tours – Paddling on the nearby Abobral River is an excellent way to experience the sights and sounds of the Pantanal, with frequent views of Giant Otters fishing in the river, Capybaras on the shoreline and monkeys in river edge trees. Birds commonly seen on our outings include the tallest flying bird in the New World (the Jabiru Stork) as well as a large number of other species of water birds, hawks, and kingfishers.

Horseback riding offers one of the best ways to explore the Pantanal, as you can reach spots not accessible by car.

4 x 4 safaris – Open-backed 4 x 4 vehicles enable exploration of the further reaches of the ranch to search for large mammals and birds. Night spotting excursions reveal the phenomenal nocturnal animals of the Pantanal. Outings often include one or more of the following: thousands of caimans with their eyes glowing orange in the beams of our flashlights, Capybaras and Giant Anteaters.

A convention room with multimedia equipment is available for events.

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