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Pantanal - MS - Fazenda San Francisco
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Fazenda San Francisco

Fazenda San Francisco is located 36 km from Corumbá city, the capital of the pantanal, at the beginning of “Estrada Parque”. Estrada Parque is well known as one of the best roads to see wildlife. The Ranch is surrounded on one side by the Urucum Mountains and on the other by the low lands of the Pantanal. The Papagaio River, an affluent of the Paraguay River, runs across the lands. This transition between high and lower lands creates extraordinarily diverse environments like rocky cliffs, caves, swamps and palm forests, with high diversity of mammals. The conspicuous species are giant otters, peccaries and monkeys. There are six species of monkeys that inhabit the ranch, unlike the pantanal savannas where there are only two species of monkeys. In the forests and lagoon edges there are a great diversity of birds like parrots, parakeets, toucans, red macaws, trogons, herons and hawks. Bela Vista Ranch is convened with World Wildlife Fund ONG (WWF) for best practices in ecoturism and nature conservation and is starting research programs with wildlife ecology.

10 comfortable apartments and 2 rooms with air conditioning, ceiling fans, internal telephone, cable or satellite TV and mini fridge, all decorated in a rustic style, are are located in 4 buildings restored from pre-existing structures. The apartments have private bathrooms and the rooms are in an independent house with one bathroom, a living room, kitchen and a porch. 2 of the apartments are in the main house and have no mini fridge and TV, but guest can use the kitchen fridges and watch TV in the living room. All the buildings have mosquitoes protected porches with fans and hammocks. The buildings are integrated in the ranch, where guests can appreciate the typical farm life.

Home-made meals are served in the porches of the main house, with a wonderful view of the ranch and native lands. The restaurant serves 3 times a day delicious regional and international dishes. Almost all the ingredients like vegetables, eggs, milk, fruits and meat are produced in the ranch. Guest can have organic fruits like papaya and mango for the breakfast, accompanied by fresh cheese. For lunch and dinner guest can have livestock meat, organic vegetables. Fresh fish is caught in the ranch’ rivers by the guest themselves.

The swimming pool with a relaxing cascade is located up the hill providing a beautiful panoramic view of the lowlands and mountains. The main house provides guest with a cozy area to relax, consult books about the Pantanal, play the various board games available, a ping-pong match or watch satellite television. Guests may also simply put their feet up and rest in the hammocks in the porch, and listen to sounds of the countless birds which live around the house or in the native forests near the house. After dinner guest can also appreciate folk music played by local people.

Furthermore facilities are an American bar offering a wide range of drinks and a selection of postcards and handicraft. There are cellular phone and internet service.

The ranch offers a variety of tours that allows guest to discover and appreciate the pantanal landscape as well gain an intimate knowledge of its fauna and flora. In nature walks guests may choose the level of difficulty they want to walk. Horseback riding goes further through lowlands of pantanal and mountains. Boat or kayak goes along the Papagaio River where it is possible to spot a great variety of birds, mammals like the howler monkeys or giant otters; the serenity of the water and the coziness of the surrounding hills transmit indescribable and unique sensations. At the river or the lagoon, guests can fish piranha for our cook to prepare the famous piranha soup, a very typical "pantaneiro" dish, which is said to have revitalizing and aphrodisiac properties. In the night tours guest can see the caimans red eyes in the rivers and lagoons waters, millions of light-flies lightning in the dark (in the reproductive season) and sometimes nocturnal animals like the night monkey, ocelots or crab-eating foxes. Visitors are welcome to participate in the daily farm routine. You can accompany the cowboys as they drive the cattle to different pasture, or help the workers to milk the cows before 6 a.m. This early start in the day will enable you to enjoy a beautiful sunrise which is always accompanied by an orchestra of birds.
The ranch also organizes off-site trips such as a full day river tour on the Paraguay River in a "Marajó 19" boat, equipped with mini-fridge, stereo, shower and fishing equipment, to see wildlife in unexplored environments and to fish for dinner in the fishing season (with the due license). Other off-site tour is the expedition by 4x4 vehicle that goes along one of the best roads to see wildlife like caimans, capybaras, march deer’s and some of the 650 bird species that occur in Pantanal.
All excursions are accompanied by bilingual or local guides.

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