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Pantanal - MS - Pousada dos Monteiros
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Pousada dos Monteiros

Pousada dos Monteiros, situated in the South Pantanal 220 km from Campo Grande, consists of Fazenda São Roque and Fazenda São João.
Here you will enjoy the richt variety of the Pantanal fauna, flora and sceneries from the foothill of the Maracaju mountain range, the margins of the Rio Negro like swamplands, babaçú palm groves, forests, lakes, etc. Here you will find the essence of the Pantanal culture and beauty.

Fazenda São Roque (6000 ha) lies at the foothill of the Maracajú mountain range.
Fazenda São João (14.000 ha) lies 36 km from São Roque at the margens of the Rio Negro. Both can be accessed by road all year round.

Both Fazenda São Roque and Fazenda São João offer each 5 double appartments equipped with air conditioning and private bathrooms.

Both fazendas have a restaurant, where delicious meals will be served.

Fazenda São Roque has a swimming pool and TV room.

To avoid the intense heath during the day, the tours are taking place early in the morning and mid-afternoon, at these times of the day, the possibilities of seeing the movement of the animals are a lot bigger. With the objective of causing as less damage as possible to the ecosystem, the guests are divided in small groups to join the following tours: horse riding, boat rides, trekking, piranha fishing, birdwatching, photo safari in 4x4 and nocturnal viewing of caymans.

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