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Pantanal - MS - Pousada Barra Mansa
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Pousada Barra Mansa

Pousada Barra Mansa is strategically located in a privileged area in the Pantanal, where the waters of Vazante do Castelo meet the Negro river, 225km from Campo Grande.
The pousada was created in the 40s as a cattle-breeding ranch. In 1996 Mr. Guilherme Rondon, the grandson of the original settler and one of the main voices in the struggle for the conservation of Pantanal, decided to operate and start an eco-tourism project in the ranch.
Barra Mansa proposes to gather the sport fisherman, photographers, birdwatchers and lovers of environmental tourism to contemplate nature integrated with the peaceful routine of a typical farm in the pantanal.

The main access is by air, from Campo Grande and Aquidauana, both in Mato Grosso do Sul state.
During the dry season (july to november) is possible to get to Barra Mansa by 4x4 vehicles under previous consult about traffic conditions of the road and followed by a local guide.

The maximum capacity is 16 guests, which provides high quality services combined with comfort and privacy.
The lodge has apartments with private bathroom with hot water, air conditioning and sreened windows for two, three and four people.

The delicious traditional food is made in the wood stove and served in the comfortable restaurant, totally protected from insects.
The guests can visit the kitchen and make suggestions for the menu. We can provide specials menus (vegetarians and others) according to previous specifics solicitations in the booking form.

Furthermore facilities at the pousada are a screened varanda, outside hamock area, satelite TV, telephone, broadband internet access, private landing strip, laundry service, bar, souvenirs shop, fishing equipment for rent and several books about the Pantanal.

Pousada Barra Mansa offers a wide variety of activities like horseback riding, boat rides, canoeing, hiking, fishing activities and photographic safari. All the guides at Barra Mansa are native people, with knowledge aquired by years of contact with nature, very fiendly and receptives, providing the best guide service that you can find in Pantanal.

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