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Morro de São Paulo
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Morro de São Paulo is a small fishing village on the island of Tinhare, off the coast of Bahia state. It has only recently been discovered as a tourist attraction, so is still relatively unspoiled. Out of high season it is a calm and relaxing place to spend a few days, or even weeks. The island is famous for its clear waters and beautiful beaches, four in all, which are identified by numbers and are all within walking distance. No cars are allowed on the island, but you can get around using one of the many tractor driven trailers, which run along the beach during the day. Among the islands main activities are diving, windsurfing and fishing. You can also go hiking up through the mountains if you are feeling adventurous. Most of the nightlife is located along the main street, where there are no shortage of bars and restaurants, and there are also regular beach parties at night. There is a permanent flea market at the main square where you can buy souvenirs and gifts. Given its strategic position the island served in the past as a fortress to ward off attacks by French and Dutch pirates. Some remnants of the castles and fortresses still remain, such as Forte de São Paulo, which is open to visitors.

Visit all the historical monuments, especially the panoramic view at the Lighthouse and the Fort ruins.
Go to Fort Beach at low tides to see the natural pools. Dive into the transparent waters of Morro de São Paulo, especially Third and Fourth Beach.
Take a walk to Gamboa village, at low tide, passing by Ponta da Pedra beach.
Help us to preserve the island and keep it clean during your visit.

Useful Advice: Schedules of transports

AIRPLANE: departure schedules of Addey and Aerostar, must be confirmed daily. In high season, they cover the way Salvador / Morro once per hour.
CATAMARÁN: during summer time, they leave daily at 9:00 AM and in low season between 1:00 and 2:30 PM, also daily
FERRY BOAT: ferrys leave every 40 minutes from Terminal Marítima in Salvador directly to Bom Despacho.
Buses from Bom Despacho to Valença delays around 2 hours time to arrive.
Quick boats cover the itinerary Valença/Morro in 40 minutes while the line ships make it in 2 hours. The boats come out from Valenças pier each 30 to 45 minutes depending on the quantity of passengers.

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