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Amazon - Juma Lodge
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Juma Lodge

The Juma Jungle Lodge is situated in the middle of the Amazon forest, about 100 km of Manaus. It was built in Terra-firme area on stilts, covered with Babaçu palm tree leaves in front of the calm waters of the Juma River. The Juma region is remote and relatively untouched. It is a “flooded forest” environment, with low jungle seasonally flooded by the rising river. Due to the acidity of the waters near the lodge theres are no mosquitoes in the area.

Juma Jungle Lodge is located 100km (62 miles) south of Manaus City. The trip takes three hours via speed boat, van and speed boat again. During your trip you might encounter some pink dolphins on the way. Enjoy your first contact with the jungle and observe the giant water lily, the majestic trees (Brazil Nuts and Sumaumas), the birds and the local communities. The trip can also be made by a hydroplane (25 minutes) upon request.

There are 05 cabin structures, offering a total of 08 apartments standard, facing the jungle. Plus 03 special Lake Front Cabin, which sit among the treetops at 15 meters above the lake, are located in an exclusive area of the lodge, and thus offer total privacy. They were designed to be fully integrated into the surrounding forest, and were built with a respect for the local environment. In these new bungalows the guest will be able to feel the real enchantment and mystery of the Amazon.
All apartments are comfortable with private bathroom, fan, balcony and optional minibar, accommodating 33 passengers in triples

The lodge offers a buffet-style restaurant with good option of regional food. The dining area is a circular “moluca” structure also on stilts, and the tables (and benches) are long and curved, creatively carved out of a light, blond wood.

Furthermore facilities are a reception building with two floors, with reception on the bottom and a lounge area on top.

Guests can enjoy one of the many excursion to get a closer contact with the surrounding nature:
-Trekking in the mighty Jungle
- Alligator spotting
- Piranha (and other fishes) fishing
- Visiting a house of a local native
- Canoe
- Visiting Amazons biggest tree
- Overnights in the jungle

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