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Amazon - Aracá Camp
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Aracá Camp

Submerged in the dense Amazon forest, the Aracá Camp puts you in touch with its exuberant landscape: white sandy beaches, countless lagoons and dark waters of the Aracá River, habitat of the most ferocious predator fish of the Amazon: the Peacock Bass (locally called Tucunaré).
Built of charming comfortable African tents elevated on wooden decks, the Aracá Camp is a true fishing safari experience.
Come to the Aracá Camp and challenge the Amazonian Peacock Bass. No doubt one of the best fishing trips in the world.
Due to natural characteristics of the water in this region, our guests will be surprised to find very few insects at the Araca Camp. These unique characteristics allow you to enjoy wonderful moments of peace and relaxation on the main deck overlooking the river and its beautiful white sandy beaches.

The Aracá Camp is strategically located at the Aracá River banks approximately 63 miles from the town of Barcelos, Amazon State.
The Aracá Camp can be reached by:
· Commercial flight transfer from Manaus to Barcelos city, and boat transfer from there to the Aracá Camp.
· Hydroplane Cessna Caravan transfer from Manaus to the Aracá Camp (08 people maximum capacity).

The Aracá Camp is built of safari-style tents, set on wooden decks carefully inserted in the jungle in order to preserve the local fauna and flora, and provides guests with the comfort and unique charm in an authentic Amazon experience.
Each 270 square foot tent is decorated with local arts and crafts, includes comfortable beds, en suite bathrooms with hot water showers, and a private veranda.

The 376 square foot tent, where the Camp dinning room is located, has the same charming jungle style, its removable walls allow for the alternative of interacting with the surrounding nature.

Expert fishing guides and specially crafted aluminum boats, equipped with 25 hp engines, electric engines, communication radios, life jackets, and first aid kit provide comfort and safety to our anglers.
The Aracá Camp is equipped with a satellite telephone and Internet access to insure a secure communication with the world.

Found in abundance in the Aracá River and its innumerous lagoons, the peacock bass and its aggressive nature, provides anglers with what is considered to be one of the most sportive and desired fishing experiences in the world.
This region is famous for holding great size peacock basses, which can weigh up to twenty six pounds. It is not difficult to find a fish this size, but it is hard to catch one.
Be it for the size or for the abundance of these fish, the region of the upper Negro River is known as the best place on the planet for peacock bass fishing.

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