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Amazon - Amazonat Jungle Lodge
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Amazonat Jungle Lodge

The only lodge in South America built under the Forest Stewardship Counsel (F.S.C) “Smartwood Certificate”, a Supporting Institute of the International Eco tourism Society, and a member of a selected group of “Genuine Eco lodges” forming the Ecoclub. Offering adventurous and educational activities and in addition providing educational and economical support to several small communities in the surrounding area.
On top of that, researchers and students find in Amazonat Jungle Lodge a location where scientific research and studies can be realized, while these activities are accessible for the visiting eco-tourist in the lodge.
For these reasons the lodge is situated in an unique location known for the presence of a pristine, diverse and impressive dry forest (Terra Firme) containing many unknown and un- described tree and plant species, far away from the civilized world. From this location various expeditions are undertaken in combination with three (3) river systems at hand:

- The Rio Urubu, a typical black water river known for her Igapo’s (forest growing in the water)
- The Rio Preto da Eva, another, larger, scenic black water contributor
- The Rio Amazonas, or the mighty Amazon river.

The strength of the “Amazonat Formula” is due to the combined packages of dry forest, black water rivers and the huge Amazon, demonstrating the principal differences of these rivers. The introduction of the various rivers in the packages, the relative poor but photo genetic black waters (poor in terms of life forms) and the wealthy Amazon river with the presence of an abundance of wildlife, enables the lodge to present a programming with a high level of educational, adventure and amusement value.

Upon arrival in the lodge the guest is received in the House of the Mura, a central building that has been named after a vanished tribe ( Mura ) who lived in this region. Besides the administration a small souvenir shop and Internet café will be found here. To demonstrate the specifics of the lodge a permanent exposition is shown of archeological objects found during the construction of the lodge and a permanent exposure of international studies performed at the lodge.

Chalets are located in an area dominated by secondary forest. From the large verandas of the apartments the local bird population and jungle sound can be observed in this park like forest.
Amazonat Jungle Lodge accommodates their visitors in comfortable duplex chalets, thus two apartments under one roof. In total 9 duplex chalets or 18 apartments are provided which can house maximum 54 guests. (For groups even 75 persons) All these chalets are identical and fully furnished including a separate bedroom equipped with a comfortable queen size bed.
In addition a bed sofa is provided in the living designed for two adults plus a single bed. In principle 5 adults can be accommodated per apartment. A private bathroom with toilet and washing table are further integrated including a small sitting corner with bar fridge. Ventilators are provided to keep the apartments cool. Nights at Amazonat are considered cool all year round. The potable water provided in the apartments is supplied by the mineral water source of the lodge. This water is of the purest mineral quality. (The lodge is selling bottled mineral water at the premises too).A large outside deck with hammocks brings the guest into safe and intimate contact with the nearby jungle. The construction style of the chalets is typical of the region: lots of wood and no glass doors or windows; screens instead, to enhance contact with nature.
Each apartment is named after one of the hundreds of local birds, underscoring the fact that the Amazonat guest is known by name rather than by number.

Survival Camps:
Included in the infrastructure to explore the rainforest two campsites have been constructed in addition to the basic standard lay out of the lodge. These two survival camps are located on respectively 4 and 7 kilometers walking distance from the basic lodge. In one of these campsites the possibility is created to spend one or more nights under authentic jungle conditions. The nearest campsite to the lodge, named Jane’s’ Place, is located 4 kilometers or 2 hours walking from the basic lodge. This location is highly popular with guests staying for shorter periods. The more experienced and adventurous traveler will be allowed to walk the 7 kilometers or 3 hours long hike to the second campsite. From this place longer, more days expeditions are being made with one of the experienced guides of the lodge.

The Amazonat Observer
In the Amazon river, at the Southern extreme of the estate, lies the Amazonat Observer. This is a large raft with 10 apartments that serves as a permanent observation station. From the deck of the Amazonat Observer, pink dolphins can be spotted almost all year round.
The second floor houses a large observation deck with a small restaurant and bar. Here you can spend the night in a hammock, and experience sleeping in the open air. The apartments are basic, with a queen-size and a single bed, a private toilet and a shower with ventilator. The Amazonat Observer thus has a regular capacity of 20 people, and up to 30 for ‘youngsters’.

The Amazonat Observer offers all that bird watchers, dolphin spotters or anglers may wish for.

The Araras restaurant is constructed in the aboriginal style: in an open area, covered with palm leaves. Its paintings and decorations of local artists give it the traditional atmosphere. The kitchen is specialized in regional, international and vegetarian food.

Amazonat offers a number of attractions that allow first-time visitors and new arrivals to adjust in a relaxed way to the jungle environment.

The swimming pool is located near Arara’s restaurant. It is illuminated during the night giving the visitor the opportunity to experience swimming underneath star filled Amazonian nights.

A lake, with Caribbean-like beach, is found at the basis of the huge Buriti palm trees in a natural environment close to the primary forest. It is safe to swim in it at all times. A perfect spot to begin your early day, it is the favorite location for many birds in early morning and late afternoons! The trail leading from your apartment towards the lake is illuminated during the night, offering the possibility for a nightly adventure.

The Orchid Parks, with a large number of these exotic flowers can be found in the direct vicinity of the chalets. In both parks over 3000 groups of orchids and bromeliad’s can be found. Flowering time generally for the orchids is generally April to August.

Bird watching: trails have been laid out within the whole infrastructure of the lodge located within the secondary forest. These trails are leading through both orchid parks and the lake district.

Bertha’s Lake is the home of Bertha, the lodges tapir mascot. She is sharing her small pond with some other local animals like few variations of caimans, land- and river turtles.

Fitness Equipment can be found near the walking trail near your chalet. A few but good and rustic devices are laid out to give you an idea about the weight of tropical hardwood. Furthermore table tennis, volleyball, badminton and pool (billiard) table facilities are implemented.

All the staff and jungle guides are multilingual, speaking: Portuguese, French, English, Italian, Dutch and Spanish.

Amazonat Jungle Lodge is located in a “Terra Firme”, a forest not affected by the annual tide. These types of forests are generally superior to those located near riverbanks in terms of diversity and growth. This presentation makes the forest accessible all year round. Trips are organized which can vary from several hours to a week! For these reasons preparations has been taken inside this private property to accommodate individuals to small groups by the introduction of survival camps.
The southern extreme of the lodge is located 18 km from the basic infrastructure and is formed by the Igarape Mitao, a small river that actually feeds the Rio Preto da Eva, another black water contributor to the huge Amazon river that is present here too.

All activities that are related to jungle hiking or trekking, survival and/or educational tours under “dry conditions” (no river or boat activities) are per definition organized within the perimeters of the lodge.

All activities related to river programming are being performed outside the lodge. Amazonat Jungle Lodge offers the unique opportunity to offer their guests visits to three (3) different rivers nearby. The choice for a package will also determine which river(s) are included in a visit. It will be clear that longer stays at Amazonat will be rewarded with a better impression in a more comfortable time schedule. The introduction of the various rivers in the packages, the relative poor but photo genetic black waters (poor in terms of life forms) and the wealthy Amazon river with the presence of an abundance of wildlife, enables the lodge to present a programming with a high level of educational, adventure and amusement value.

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