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Amazon - Amazon Ecopark Lodge
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Amazon Ecopark Lodge

Amazon Ecopark Lodge is a touristic, scientific and educational property, created and directed by the private initiative. It has been established since 1991 and as a Lodge since 1995. Located in Rio Tarumã - a tributary of Rio Negro - approximately one hour from Manaus airport and in the middle of the Amazon Forest. It includes uncatalogued species in virgin rainforest, natural savannahs and creeks. Several streams of crystal clear warm water run through the area.Over 6 miles of jungle trails enable the client to explore the jungle, orchids and giant trees.

The lodge offers 60 apartments in 20 bungalows (3 each), made of wood. The apartments entrance, porch and bathroom are completely independent, are all air conditioned, with hot shower and screened windows. Rustic, but charmingly decorated. ( lamp shade, rugs, indian style artifacts, etc).

The gastronomy at the Amazon Ecopark Lodge is always an entertainment itself:
- Breakfast:fresh fruits (watermelon, melon, banana,etc), a variety of regional fruit juices (taperebá,cupuaçu, açaí, graviola, etc), breads, sweet breads, biscuits, a variety of cheese, ham, cakes, pancakes, jam,butter, coffee, milk, chocolate and a variety of tea are served buffet style.
- Lunch and Dinner : served buffet style, with a variety of beef, chicken and fish (tambaqui, tucunaré, pirarucu, pacu, etc), hot side dishes ( white rice, potatoes ( roasted, fried, boiled), vegetables, salads ( lettuce,
brocoli, carrot, tomatoes, etc), fresh fruits ( papaya, melon, mango, watermelon, etc) and desserts ( cupuaçu and brazil nuts pie, graviola cream, cupuaçu or passion fruit pudin,banana and marshmallow, fruits served with their own sauce.

Leisure facilities at the lodge are 4 natural pools and private beach (the only one in the area that remains
out of the river during high water level periods), Games room (ping pong, pool table, darts,etc) and massage and esthetics gazebo (night and day).

Furthermore facilities are a pier ( for small , medium size and big boats), panoramic bar that also serves the private beach, "Maloca da Preguiça" (Indian style resting and reading area), souvenir shop and orchidarium (approximately 70 species, 250 orchids) , as well as medicinal
plants and vegetable garden.

The Amazon Ecopark Lodge offers different packages from 01 to 03 nights (extensible), including all meals and activities such as: jungle treks, night tours in canoes, visit to the Monkey Forest project, boattrips on the river, piranha fishing, visit to a local indian village, etc.

The lodge has two large thatched roof areas which are an excellent option
for group events, for private parties or folk shows and regional music performances.

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