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Alta Floresta - Cristalino Jungle Lodge
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Cristalino Jungle Lodge

The Cristalino Jungle Lodge is located on the right bank of the Cristalino river inside the Cristalino State Park, 165.310 acre of pristine jungle, 39 km from Alta Floresta, Mato Grosso. The geographical location of the Cristalino State Park is strategic for the sustained preservation of an enormous area of Amazon forest. The Park represents an effective barrier between the devastation caused by the traditional economic misuses to the south, such as wholesale timber extraction, cattle ranching, and unsustainable agriculture, and the huge virgin areas to the north.
Cristalino Jungle Lodge is the work of a family who is leading conservation and sustained projects in the Alta Floresta region, which includes support for scientific and applied research through the Cristalino Ecological Foundation - CEF Field Station. Besides this the Cristalino Jungle Lodge, an internationally recognized prime area for bird watching is also famous for unforgettable adventure: hiking jungle trails, overnight in the jungle, swimming in the pristine Cristalino river, canoeing, jungle trekking and wildlife viewing.

The town of Alta Floresta is reachable by plane from Cuiabá. There is one TRIP Airline flight per day to and from Alta Floresta from monday till friday. From Alta Floresta the access to the lodge is by a well maintained dirt road and 30 min. by boat.

The lodge offers 2 bungalows with 4 rooms each, private bathrooms, hot water showers (solar heating), roof fans and screens. Two or three beds in each bungalow: 24 people total.
2 large dormitory buildings with five rooms in each building. Twin beds in the rooms. Shared bathrooms with solar heating showers inside each building.

The Cristalino Jungle Lodge offers typical Brazilian cuisine prepared in wood stove as well as some indigenous specialties. Three plentiful buffet meals are served each day at the thatch roof patio for outside dining or in the inside dining room.

Furthermore facilities of the lodge are a floating deck for swimming, wildlife viewing, fishing and relaxing, a common living room with sofas, chairs, a small natural history library: useful for slide shows, meetings and relaxing, and a bar which offers appetizers, well stocked with various cold drinks and juices.

Cristalino Lodge offers a wide variety of programs:
Eco-tourism: Nature tourism and activities which demonstrate the beauty of the Amazon ecosystem, the sustainable use possibilities of the forest and its interaction with the local community, always accompanied by a naturalist guide.
Bird Watching: Alta Floresta is considered by ornithologists as one of the main destinations for bird watching in the whole of Amazonia.
Adventure Tourism: For those who wish an interaction with nature through physical challenges: camping in the forest, trekking, survival techniques, rapel, canyoning and canoeing are available.
Amazon School: the immersion Workshop on Ecology and Conservation of the Amazon Rainforest offers participants the unique opportunity to study first-hand the natural history of important plant and animal taxa in the Amazon rainforest, within the context of basic ecological and evolutionary principles

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